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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Flower Delivery Corpus Christi


Which Corpus Christi florist has the cheapest delivery fee?

The Flower Bucket Corpus Christi is currently promoting online ordering with free delivery. Our Corpus Christi location is the only flower shop that is offering such a great deal. Our website offers all the information that is needed to place your order and it also gives you a great selection of what we offer. If you have any questions about your delivery or about the flowers that you may want, you can always call us at our shop, and we will be more than happy to help.



Which is the best site to send flowers?

The Flower Bucket Corpus Christi has been open since May of 2022. Our web site is user friendly, and full of a variety of great flowers, but it also offers great information on how to place your order. We are always aware when the order comes in and are ready for any questions you may have. We don’t have a 3rd party website like FTD, Teleflora and From you Flowers. Your order comes straight to us, and you know you are getting what you paid for.



What if you don’t have the exact flowers in the picture I ordered?

Flowers grow in all shapes, sizes and colors. We always try to accommodate our customers, but there are times when packed flowers come in damaged or wilted beyond saving. But when you reach out to us, we can always talk about options. We always offer you to stick to the color scheme of your original arrangement or offer something that comes close to looking like the flower that you are asking for.



What happens if my recipient isn’t available for delivery?

Our delivery drivers work hard to deliver your arrangement on the date that you request. When you call our shop or place your order online, we always request that the correct information is given. This gives our delivery drives the ability to call the recipient to make sure that they are home. If the driver does get a hold of the recipient, sometimes they request that we leave it on the porch or have a neighbor hold it till they get home. Communication is always key to having our flowers delivered.



What is the best way to send flowers?

We always recommend sending flowers in a vase. The only reason for this is because flowers are always in need of water. The Corpus Christi heat and humidity is not always the best. There are different sizes and shapes so we can always ask what is easiest for your recipient. There is always the option of having a handheld bouquet wrapped in paper. This gives the recipient the option to arrange the flowers in a vase of their own.